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11 Aug

New Integration: DigiCert CertCentral

by Ivan Ristić

This year, one of our main development directions is around third-party integrations. A couple of months ago we announced our phase one integration with the major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, and GCP. Today we're happy to expand our capabilities with an integration with DigiCert CertCentral, our first with a Certification Authority. With this new release, joint Hardenize and DigiCert customers can benefit from having an additional view into their certificate inventories.

As you may know, PKI and certificate monitoring is Hardenize's key feature. Our customers have access to comprehensive certificate inventories consisting of all certificates issued for their domain names, discovered via Certificate Transparency, as well as of all certificates installed on their domain names and networks, discovered via our monitoring services. With a DigiCert integration in place, we add to that the additional information locked in their CertCentral accounts.

Integrating with CA accounts has these additional benefits:

  • All certificate information in one place; although we already have all our customers' public certificates via CT, CA accounts usually contain additional information about the business context. By making that information available directly in Hardenize, our users avoid having to correlate the certificates in multiple systems. Additionally, we may be able to extract certificate contact information to help with expiration notification.
  • Automated reconciliation of CT certificates; our CT monitoring platform creates tickets for all certificate discoveries. When a CA integration is in place, we can automatically close these tickets when certificates are confirmed to be genuine. This leads to less noise, making it easier to see the certificates that need scrutiny.
  • Improved discovery of domain names; as a bonus, we use all our integrations to discover additional domain names, some of which may not already be in Hardenize. Maintaining accurate asset inventories is notoriously difficult because assets reside in many different places; we make that job easier by correlating all sources of information.

The DigiCert CertCentral is available to all our customers at the Business tier or higher. To activate you need only a few minutes of your time and a read-only key to your CertCentral account.

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