Hardenize has joined Red Sift! Find out more in our blog post.

Our Team

Hardenize is developed by a small team who are passionate about improving the security of the Internet. Adapting the William Gibson quote, we believe that the future of security is already here, but it’s not evenly distributed yet. We made it our mission to help organizations and individuals gain visibility into the security of systems they care about.

We have extensive experience in computer security and PKI and TLS in particular, with over a decade of work on large-scale internet monitoring. We are known for improving the state of the art and setting standards with our previous work, which includes SSL Labs, Bulletproof TLS and PKI, Feisty Duck's TLS Newsletter, and ModSecurity.

In October 2022, we joined Red Sift. We joined forces as this was the best way for us to grow, achieve our purpose, and serve our customers.