We are a small team working on solving interesting problems in computer security. Our main goal is to improve ecosystem security and raise the bar when it comes to best practices. If you share our interests and like to build things properly, we're like to hear from you.

Open Positions

Java Developer

We are looking for the right person to take over the maintenance and further development the core Hardenize platform. In this area, Java and PostgreSQL are the two main technologies we use. Consequently, we need a Java backend developer who will maintain the core business logic and the REST APIs.

  • Good knowledge of modern Java and the JVM are essential.
  • So is a knowledge of PostgreSQL, our primary data store.
  • Focus on code maintenability, tests, and automation, as well as modern development practices.
  • Good knowledge of networking, HTTP, and REST.
  • Keywords: Git, Gradle, Lombok, IDEA, SQL, Flyway, MyBatis, gRPC, Protocol Buffers, JSON, Guava.
  • Bonus skills: DevOps, security, TLS and PKI, frontend development, modern JavaScript, HTML and CSS, UI/UX.

Security Researcher

We're looking for a network and application security developer and researcher to take charge of all network and application security work at Hardenize. The job is to understand various network and security standards, follow new developments and assist with the development of new product features. Remember, our focus is on defense, not offense. From that perspective, knowing a thousand ways to write a XSS attack is interesting, but ultimately not very useful. On the other hand, it's very useful to have a complete understanding of the root causes of XSS and other vulnerabilities, along with the knowledge of how secure software is designed and built.

  • You should have a good understanding of all technologies referenced in our assessment report.
  • The ideal candidate will tell us what we're missing and what we're doing wrong. And that's the job.
  • Must love to write and write well. A lot of what we do is about helping our users understand security.
  • Become a Hardenize power user, interacting with and supporting our customers.
  • Inform product direction using the insights gained from both research and customer feedback.
  • Bonus skills: Java, DevOps, UI/UX, and frontend development.

How to Apply

To apply, email us your CV along with a cover letter telling us a bit about yourself and why you're applying to join Hardenize. Please make a mention of how your skills and past work are a good match for the role you're applying for.

All our roles require a good understanding of application security, networking, web application development, ability to work on the Unix command line and similar skills. You know what we mean. We don't talk a lot about DevOps here, but all our infrastructure is in the Cloud and we have a fully automated process, with automated builds, testing, and deployment.

Hiring Process

Our hiring process typically starts with a brief questionnaire followed by an interview in person or over the over the phone. Some coding or similar activity might be included at this point. If things go well, we will invite you to work with us on a small real project so that we can get to know one another. After this we should have a better idea of whether the fit is good. Depending on your circumstances, we may pay you to work on more real projects until we're comfortable working together.

We understand that everyone is different and that you may not match the role requirements exactly. We're happy to work with people who have a different combination of skills. If you can bring one key skill to the job and improve our group, we'll help you get up to speed with some areas where you are not as strong. We only ask that you join us if you intend to stay for several years.

How We Work

We work remotely and prefer to hire in the UK, where we are based. Even though we are remote, we typically work during the standard business hours so that we can stay in touch. We're looking for people who enjoy their work and like building things properly. You need to be self-sufficient and self-driven. Take responsibility, work and deliver with a sense of urgency. We don't believe in micromanagement, but we do believe in good communication.