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14 Dec

Entrust Integration is Now Available

by Billy McDiarmid

I’m excited to tell you that our integration with Entrust is now available, the second Certificate Authority (CA) that we can connect directly to.

Entrust built and sold the first commercially available public key infrastructure in 1994, and their PKI solutions are used today by a number of our customers. That means it’s a key source of data and will help our customers achieve their goals of automated inventory building and visibility of their asset configuration in Hardenize.

Once the integration is enabled, our customers will benefit as it:

  • Improves domain discovery. We check the Entrust account every day for domains not already in the Hardenize inventory, adding them to Hardenize if they’re not.
  • Enables the automatic reconciliation of CT certificates. If we see a certificate in the Entrust account, then we automatically close discovery tickets that have been created for that certificate in Hardenize.

The Entrust integration is available to all our customers at the Business tier or higher. To activate you need only a few minutes of your time and a read-only API key for your Entrust account.