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29 Sep

New Integrations: CSC and Safenames

by Billy McDiarmid

We continue to add new integrations with parts of the supply chain that contain data that will help our customers to maintain an asset inventory automatically and continuously. Today, we’re announcing two new Hardenize integrations with domain registrars: CSC and Safenames.

  • CSC is a global business compliance solutions provider that is also a domain registrar, providing domain management, brand management, and security services.
  • Safenames is a global domain name registrar with several services available to help manage domain portfolios and protect online trademarks.

When the integration is enabled, Hardenize will—every day—connect to each account that is added. We will discover domain names that are not already part of their inventory, then add them to Hardenize to begin continuous monitoring.

These integrations are available immediately to all Hardenize customers with a Business or Enterprise plan. To get started, visit the Integrations page in the Settings section. If you are an existing customer with a Starter or Team plan and are interested in this feature, please contact me to discuss an upgrade. If you are not a Hardenize customer but would like to solve your inventory, configuration, and network visibility issues, start a free trial now and we'll help you along the way.