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Web sites need to use encryption to help their visitors know they're in the right place, as well as provide confidentiality and content integrity. Sites that don't support HTTPS may expose sensitive data and have their pages modified and subverted.

For all sites VERY IMPORTANT medium EFFORT

To deploy HTTPS properly, web sites must redirect all unsafe (plaintext) traffic to the encrypted variant. This approach ensures that no sensitive data is exposed and that further security technologies can be activated.


HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is an HTTPS extension that instructs browsers to remember sites that use encryption and enforce strict security requirements. Without HSTS, active network attacks are easy to carry out.

For important sites VERY IMPORTANT medium EFFORT

HSTS Preloading is informing browsers in advance about a site's use of HSTS, which means that strict security can be enforced even on the first visit. This approach provides best HTTPS security available today.

For important sites VERY IMPORTANT medium EFFORT

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