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29 June

Welcome Mark Goodwin

by Ivan Ristić

It is our great pleasure to welcome Mark Goodwin to Hardenize. His presence will not only substantially expand our engineering team, but will also add key skills we need to further expand into application security. With Mark on board, we will be spending much more time in the application security space, diving into unexplored depths.

I worked with Mozilla for almost nine years. Nine years is a long time in tech. That I stayed so long says much about Mozilla; it’s a hugely influential organisation with a vital mission and excellent people. That I chose Hardenize when the time came to leave says much too; I’ve been impressed by the commitment to build a product that helps everyone and the focus on improving the ecosystem. I’m excited both by what I can bring to this company and what we’ll do together.

Mark is an experienced information security specialist with many years of expertise building and breaking software security. He comes to Hardenize from Mozilla, where he worked as Staff Security Engineer and Mozilla's UK Country Ambassador.