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Welcome to the Hardenize blog. This is where we will document our journey as we make the Internet a more secure place and have some fun and excitement along the way.

29 Oct

Welcome Billy McDiarmid

by Ivan Ristić

We're delighted to welcome Billy McDiarmid to our team. As a startup, we're very focused on helping our customers solve their problems, and that's exactly where Billy comes in. We're very happy to have him in charge of Customer Success.

I’m a technology geek and the favourite bit of my chosen career path is when I help a customer to achieve something using software that would have been difficult or impossible without it. That is why I was so excited by Hardenize; I could see clearly how the application makes life easier for development and security teams.

As the Hardenize team are experts in internet security, I knew that I would be able to learn so much and help to transfer that knowledge to our customers.

I too believe that everyone deserves good internet security and I’m looking forward to growing helping our customers as well as our free users achieve that.

Billy is an experienced customer and project manager and has been helping customers to achieve the best results from their technology for more than a decade.