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29 Oct

Lithuania Dashboard is Now Live

by Billy McDiarmid

We’ve been working closely with our friends at Infobalt, the Lithuanian digital technology sector association, to build our latest public dashboard and I’m delighted to announce that it’s now live.

To recognize Cyber Awareness Month, Infobalt and their partners at NRD Cyber Security approached Hardenize to create a Web Hygiene Dashboard. This dashboard shows the status of web and email security configurations of Lithuania's internet sites broken down by sector.

Vilius Benetis, Director at NRD Cyber Security, worked with Hardenize to build the dashboard. “Open data has many meanings,” explains Vilius. “For me, open data in cybersecurity means more transparency and reason to change and improve. We worked with Infobalt and Hardenize to build the dashboard to highlight this, and also to highlight that secure configuration of websites and email systems is not easy anymore.”

This is just the beginning of the Lithuania Web Health Dashboard. The value will build over time as more sectors are added, and education on standards is promoted by Infobalt to their members.

The Lithuanian dashboard is now live alongside those for the Dominican Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Switzerland, and Sweden. If you are an internet or security organization with responsibility for a particular country or government and would like to publish a dashboard, then please get in touch with me. The dashboards are free of charge.