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2 Mar

New Integrations: Cloudflare, MarkMonitor, and NS1

by Billy McDiarmid

The only way that organizations can effectively monitor their network and apply the appropriate security standards is if they have a good inventory of their assets. As that is difficult to do because assets reside in many different places, an important part of our recent development work has been integrations with third-party platforms. Today we're announcing three new integrations: Cloudflare, MarkMonitor, and NS1.

We are working to connect to all parts of the supply chain that contain data that Hardenize could use to achieve this—certification authorities, registrars, managed DNS providers, and cloud providers. We are focused on building integrations with vendors used by the majority of our customers, and after adding AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and DigiCert CertCentral last year, I am delighted to announce that we have today released three more integrations with:

  • Cloudflare, an internet infrastructure and security provider
  • MarkMonitor, a domain management provider
  • NS1, a managed DNS provider

When a customer enables an integration, Hardenize will—every day—connect to each account that is added. We will discover domain names and DNS zones that are not already part of their inventory, then add them to Hardenize to begin continuous monitoring.

These integrations are available immediately to all Hardenize customers with a Business or Enterprise plan. To get started, visit the Integrations page in the Settings section. If you are an existing customer with a Starter or Team plan and are interested in this feature, please contact me to discuss an upgrade. If you are not a Hardenize customer but would like to solve your inventory, configuration, and network visibility issues, just start a free trial now and we'll help you along the way.