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4 Mar

Our Distributed Monitoring Platform

by Ivan Ristić

We're very happy to announce our new distributed monitoring platform, a project we've been working on for some time. In the past year, as we started to onboard more customers and especially the larger ones, we determined that we needed a worldwide monitoring presence to adequately cover our customers' infrastructure. As you may know, Hardenize has strong support for TLS and PKI; this new platform will help us on our path to reliable and comprehensive certificate monitoring of complex network architectures.

Today, our platform consists of 10 locations: Atlanta, Bahrain, Frankfurt, London, Miami, San Jose (US), São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo. We've selected these locations as they put us close to our existing customers. In the future we plan to expand the network as necessary.

The most exciting part of this effort is not easy to see from the outside. Standing up servers in many locations is not difficult in the days of the Cloud. However, our servers are all part of the same orchestration and communications framework that now enables us to perform various network assessment tasks from any location seamlessly, as well as scale with demand.

With the network up and running, we will now start to migrate our monitoring activities to it. For testing purposes, we have extended our API with an on-demand TLS check operation that can be run from any of the monitoring nodes to verify TLS and PKI configuration across the world. On-demand operations are another of our new features; if you're an existing customer please reach out to us so that we can enable it for you.