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17 Mar

Introducing Cloud Integrations

by Ivan Ristić

In the last couple of years, our focus at Hardenize has been on automated discovery of company assets based on large-scale monitoring and analysis of public infrastructure. This is the Hardenize you know and love: a small investment of your time yields big results. However, we have decided to go further. As part of our continuous quest to improve our discovery and asset inventory capabilities, we are expanding our capabilities with managed cloud account integration. We are delighted to make the first release of this feature available in Hardenize.

Currently in beta, our first release supports integration with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure cloud accounts. We are initially focusing on the continuous synchronisation of registered domain names and DNS zones. Our next step from here will be to provide seamless monitoring of all cloud resources exposed to the public, for example compute instances. The development work is already in progress.

We are making cloud integration available at no further cost to our customers at the Business and Enterprise tiers. If you're considering using this feature, please get in touch as we would like to better understand what you'd like to do with it. Similarly, we would love to hear from you what other integrations you might be interested in.