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This dashboard monitors the security of the most widely used domain names globally. Maintained by Hardenize.

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Web Configuration
well configured
Email Configuration
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Web Security Overview

Key aspects of web application security of the hosts monitored by this dashboard.

HTTPS Redirection
HSTS Preloaded

Email Security Overview

Key aspects of email security of the hosts monitored by this dashboard.


Domain Name Security Overview

Key aspects of DNS configuration and security; only DNSSEC at the moment.


All Dashboard Hosts

Domain Email WWW
Hostname Name servers DNSSEC TLS DANE SPF DMARC TLS Cookies Mixed content HSTS CSP Security headers

About Hardenize Dashboards

Hardenize dashboards are a quick and convenient way to understand the security of a group of web sites. We continuously monitor all dashboard hosts to always keep the statistics up to date.

What you're seeing here is a preview, because Hardenize itself is still in development. We expect that the statistics presented on our dashboards will change in the following months as we review our assessment code and finalize the criteria. When that happens, this page will provide more information about exactly how dashboards hosts are examined.

Public Hardenize dashboards are typically provided free of charge to organizations who wish to promote security awareness among their members (e.g., domain name registries, governments, and similar). If you're interested we'd love to talk to you; please get in touch.

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