Welcome to Hardenize!

We'd like to show you an early version of a new tool we're working on. As you're playing with it, please remember this:

  • Ignore any bugs you encounter. This is only a proof-of-concept release that we will be refining in the following months.
  • We wanted to show the wide range of functionality that want to cover, but most of the tests that we have today are incomplete.
  • This is just our public report; our commercial product will reuse the core technology, but it will focus on continuous assessment and collaborative features.

The problem we want to solve is this...

Less than 1% of all
web sites use modern
security features

Whichever way you look at it, there are many effective security technologies that we can use today, and yet only a small number of deployments do.

WHOIS, DNS, DNSSEC, DANE, CAA, SMTP, STARTTLS, CAs, X.509, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, IPv4, IPv6, HTTP/2, SSL, TLS, HSTS, CSP, HPKP, RC4, SHA, cookies, mixed content, SRI, privacy, ...

As it stands today,
security is too complex

Few people can dedicate themselves to understand all the technologies individually and also how they work together.

As a result, we have to work hard to secure systems only after they have been deployed. This approach is not only inefficient, but also doesn't work very well. We need to try something else.

Hardenize helps organizations deploy the latest security standards

Our goal is to build security in, engage developers and
system administrators from the start, and make security fun.

Thank you!

Please have a look around and
let us know what you think.

Determining your security posture can be hard.
We make it easy.

Hardenize offers a blend of security tools designed to give you visibility into your internet infrastructure and help you deploy new security features as they become available.

 Security analysis

Our main goal is to keep your security top-notch. We detect weaknesses and configuration errors. However, we also compare your posture with best practices and brief you about new technologies that can improve your security.

 Availability monitoring

We see your infrastructure as the public do, allowing us to experience it in the same ways as your customers will. Our focus is on detecting subtle interoperability problems, including warning about industry changes before they take place and affect you.

 Continuous and distributed

To catch problems with distributed setups, we monitor your systems continuously from six continents, giving you a peace of mind that your entire audience has the same optimum experience.

 Thorough analysis

Anyone can discover obvious problems. We examine your systems in great detail to catch problems that are difficult to find. Crucially, we also check the security and performance of other systems that you depend on.

 Useful reporting and alerting

Our reports focus on actionable information relevant for you, based on configured targets for your systems. For urgent problems (like imminent certificate expiration), we provide notification via email, SMS, and phone.

 Clear advice

We are experts in our fields so that you don't have to be. Our reports provide clear, no-nonsense, guidance. We tell you what to do, taking into account all we know about your systems. If there are tradeoffs, we provide clear explanations for different choices.

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